Janet Uriu-Adams

Uriu-Adams receives 2019 Birth Defects Research Distinguished Scholar Award from Teratology Society

Janet Uriu-Adams has been selected as a 2019 Birth Defects Research Distinguished Scholar Award recipient by the Teratology Society.  The awards recognize senior authors for the importance, impact, and relevance of their published works in the field of birth defects research. The dual purpose of the award is to provide recognition to the authors of high impact papers and to encourage authors trained in various disciplines to submit high quality papers to Birth Defects Research.

The award recognizes Uriu-Adams' research associated with Zinc and Reproduction: Effects of Zinc Deficiency on Prenatal and Early Postnatal Development; BDRB 89.4:313–325, 2010. (PubMed)

Dr. Uriu-Adams' research has focused on investigating the mechanisms underlying copper and zinc deficiency-induced abnormal pre- and early postnatal development in mammals. Of particular interest is how the above affects oxidative and nitrosative stress, nitric oxide metabolism, and protein nitration. The effects of genetically-induced altered copper metabolism on development have been assessed using mice lacking one allele of the copper transporter, Ctr-1. In addition, Dr. Uriu-Adams has investigated the influence of select diseases such as diabetes, Menkes disease, and asthma on mineral metabolism in humans and animal models.

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