Academics - Debbie Fetter


Undergraduate Programs

The undergraduate programs in the Nutrition Department are traditional academic programs designed to give students a broad, versatile education. The Nutrition Department offers two undergraduate majors with variable emphases, Clinical Nutrition and Nutrition Science. There are also four minor programs available: Community Nutrition, Nutrition Science, Food Service Management, and Nutrition and Food.  


Graduate Programs

A variety of graduate programs are available. The Graduate Group in Nutritional Biology is a cooperative interdepartmental organization of more than 73 faculty from 17 departments in three colleges and two professional schools. In this program students may pursue an M.S. or Ph.D. degree while studying under the direction of any member of the group. A Designated Emphasis in International and Community Nutrition is also available to students in participating Ph.D. programs. Finally, the Master of Advanced Study in Maternal and Child Nutrition is offered by the department in collaboration with UC Davis Cooperative Extension.