Picture of the group that participated in the 2ns annual Diversify Dietetics Meetup

UC Davis Department of Nutrition hosts 2nd annual Diversify Dietetics meetup

The UC Davis Department of Nutrition hosted the 2nd annual Diversify Dietetics Meetup on May 11th with a great turnout of students and local dietitians. Diversify Dietetics local meetups occur all across the country and are a chance for students, educators, and professionals to build community with one another at casual and fun meet-ups.

Our co-host, Jessica Wilson, MS, RD a graduate of our Clinical Nutrition program and past Student Health and Counseling Services Dietitian, spoke briefly about her newly published book: It’s Always Been Ours: Rewriting the Story of Black Women's Bodies.

About Diversify Dietetics:

The idea for Diversify Dietetics was borne out of a need that co-founders and registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs), Deanna Belleny and Tamara Melton, did not see was being met: a community to attract, encourage and empower students and professionals of color who were seeking careers in the field of nutrition and dietetics.

Diversify Dietetics’ mission is “to increase the racial and ethnic diversity in the field of nutrition by empowering nutrition leaders of color.” They envision “a nutrition profession that reflects the diverse communities we serve.

Click here for more information on Diversify Dietetics, their events, activities, mentorship program, and new Dietetic Internship.

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