Christine Stewart

Professor Christine Stewart given ASN award in Global Nutrition

Christine Stewart, MPH, PhD, the Corinne L. Rustici Endowed Chair in Applied Human Nutrition, Professor of Nutrition, and Director of the Institute for Global Nutrition has been awarded the Nevin Scrimshaw Mid-Career Award in Global Nutrition from the American Society for Nutrition. This award is given to a mid-career professional who has done innovative work to advance the field of global nutrition and who has had a sustained record of substantial research, mentoring and training.

Dr. Stewart’s research has focused on the design and evaluation of interventions to improve maternal and child nutrition in low-income communities. Much of her research has focused on the evaluation of food and micronutrient interventions that may improve child survival, growth, and cognitive development. She has led and collaborated with multi-disciplinary teams, partnering with scientists in Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Bangladesh, Nepal, Ecuador, and several other countries.

The award will be presented at the American Society for Nutrition Annual Meeting, to be held June 14-16, 2022.    


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