Photo of Daniela Hampel

Daniela Hampel Recognized as a 2022 Top Reviewer

Every year, the four American Society for Nutrition journals identify up to five ad hoc reviewers to be named a Top Reviewer from the previous year.  Selections are based on the quality, number, and timeliness of manuscript reviews completed. 

The ASN editors are grateful for the support of our many reviewers, and especially grateful to those who go above and beyond by providing multiple well-written and punctual reviews in a single year. Anonymous, conscientious, fair, and timely peer review is the lifeblood of our journals. Top 2022 Reviewers for JN are listed below. 

Photo of Daniela Hampel
Daniela Hampel, University of California Davis
Photo of Mona Calvo
Mona Calvo, Pennsylvania State University
Photo of Harold Furr
Harold Furr, retired, University of Connecticut
Photo of William Harris
William Harris, OmegaQuant


Photo of Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson, Colorado State University