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Carl Keen Named 2023 Fellow of the American Society for Nutrition

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Dr. Carl Keen, Professor Emeritus, has been selected by the American Society for Nutrition (ASN) and ASN Foundation as one of 16 individuals who will be inducted into its class of 2023 Fellows. To be inducted as a Fellow of the Society is the highest honor ASN bestows, recognizing individuals for significant discoveries and distinguished careers in the field of nutrition.

Since 1981, for forty years, Dr. Keen served as faculty in the Departments of Nutrition and Internal Medicine at the University of California, Davis, having served as chair of the Nutrition Department for thirteen years. Without question, Dr. Keen is one of the top handful of nutritional biochemists in the world. His work always makes a difference. Dr. Keen's impact is beyond exceptional and is demonstrated by his success in translating extramurally supported research into documented findings to significantly impact our understanding of biology and health. His commitment to teaching and mentoring students is outstanding, having mentored over 50 graduate students and 20 post-doctoral scholars throughout his career.

In his distinguished career in the field of nutrition science, Dr. Keen has authored over 680 peer-reviewed scientific publications with many seminal contributions in the focus areas of his research on: 1) the influence of nutrition on pregnancy outcome and early postnatal development; and 2) the impact of dietary phytochemicals on vascular health. For almost three decades, his group has studied the acute and long-term consequences and cellular mechanisms of micronutrient deficiencies on embryonic and fetal development, specifically, the effects of primary and secondary zinc and copper deficiencies. The second broad area of research in which Dr. Keen has made important contributions is the investigation of the influence of diet on vascular health. For example, his group has shown that dietary flavanols can have both acute and chronic effects on endothelial function in healthy adults, as well as, those at increased cardiovascular risk. His dedication to nutritional research practice reaches from discovery to translating and disseminating science-based nutrition information.

Dr. Keen has an extraordinary record of public and university service and in the nutrition discipline, serving on expert panels and editorial boards of numerous nutrition journals. Throughout his career, he served on a number of NIH study sections, and was a member of the NIH College of Reviewers for the Center for Scientific Review. Furthermore, his service extends to nutrition-related society and advisory board activities and seven years on California State Science Advisory Boards.

In summary, Dr. Keen has had a distinguished academic career in the field of nutrition through his exceptional research accomplishments, success as a teacher and mentor and his exemplary professional and public service. Recognition as a 2023 ASN Fellow is a fitting capstone to his outstanding career achievements and many previous scientific awards, as well as the 2004 UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Award of Distinction.


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