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Angela Zivkovic named an Allen Distinguished Investigator

Full article on the Allen Institute news post.

The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation Awards $10.5 Million to new Allen Distinguished Investigators. Research funding will support four projects focused on extracellular vesicles and three on sex hormones.

Uncovering biological properties of extracellular vesicles, which play a vital role in how cells communicate, and understanding how sex hormones drive behavior and development are two areas that the new cohorts of Allen Distinguished Investigators will research, thanks to over $10 million in funding from the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation. Angela Zivkovic, Ph.D. is one of the 18 researchers who will develop technologies, design approaches, and uncover insights into fundamental areas of human biology. 

Angela is part of the project to research the composition and functionality of the EV corona: learning from lipoproteins. In this project, researchers will investigate a recently recognized feature of extracellular vesicles (EVs) known as the “EV corona,” a layer of molecules that may imbue EVs with specialized properties. Researchers will use advanced analytical methods to detect and identify the molecules of the EV corona and map them with unprecedented detail. Additionally, they will bioengineer EVs by linking their surfaces directly to specific proteins of the corona to disguise the EVs from the body’s immune system. Doing so is important because EVs can be used to diagnose and treat diseases; however, exogenous EVs may be attacked by the immune system before their therapeutic benefits can be exerted. Allowing them to remain in the body longer could lead to better therapies and treatments for disease.

Please see the news post from the Allen Institute for the further information on the investigators and projects.

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