GGNB symposium 2023

10th annual GGNB Research Symposium

Thank you to all of the GradSAC members who worked tirelessly in planning and executing the 10th annual GGNB Research Symposium on Friday; and thanks to all of the presenters, judges, and all of those in attendance at Walker Hall. It was fabulous to have such a large number of student and faculty attendees – we are fairly certain we may have had record attendance/participation!

It was an excellent primer to the active research in the graduate group and dedication of our graduate students that will continue in the coming academic year(s).

And, thank you to Dr. Marcela Radke for presenting our Plenary lecture!

Congratulations to our award winners at the 10th Annual GGNB Symposium, the competition was fierce and the points were very, very close.


1. Hala Addassi, Mackenzie Research Group

2tie. Sarah Blecksmith, Lemay Research Group

2tie. Abigail Lutz, Steinberg Research Group


Oral Presentations

1. Alana Chaney, Au Research Group

2. Joseph Arballo, Ji Research Group

3. Shya Navazesh, Ji Research Group

Primary Category

Secondary Categories

Honors and Awards