Experiential Learning

Internships & Research Internships

Experiential Learning opportunities are available to UC Davis students through two unique programs. These are the undergraduate internships that are offered at local facilities/programs, which are coordinated through the UC Davis Campus Internship and Career Center, and secondarily, the opportunity to work directly with on-campus research scientists in their laboratories or in clinical research studies. Students are encouraged to participate in experiential learning in the field of nutrition and dietetics in order to enhance career preparation and success.

The FSM 120L Quantity Food Production Laboratory

The Quantity Food Production Lab requires experiential learning through lab experiences at local foodservice facilities. The course utilizes three campus Dining Services sites and three off-campus foodservice facilities as a “living lab” of foodservice production. As this is experiential learning, the students will not be used to replace employees and the students cannot be compensated for their work except for a modest meal.

Estimated Student Lab Costs

Below lists the approximate costs related to the lab. All lab sites are within walking or biking distance on or near campus.

Uniform (Based on Dickies & Shoes For Crews):

  • Whilte Polo Shirt ($16.99 - 23.99)
  • Black Work Pants ($19.00 - 39.99)
  • Shoes ($39.99 - 60.00)
  • Socks ($4.00)


  • Provided by Student Health & Counseling Services regardless of insurance type

Total Estimated Cost: $79.98 - 128.00

Transportation to or from field experience sites
Travel to or from assigned areas is at the discretion of the student. The assigned areas are within biking/walking distance of campus. All students sign a Required Activities Waiver form before their participation commences.

Students may use their own vehicle for transportation to the field experience sites. If they drive their own vehicle, they are required to have automobile insurance in compliance with California law, which is outlined at DMV CA Gov.

Injury/Illness at Lab Sites
If a student is injured or becomes ill while working at a foodservice site, the student must report to the supervisor immediately. The supervisor will evaluate the situation and determine whether the injured party needs emergency assistance, can be treated on site, or needs to be relieved of duty for the remainder of the day. All injuries/illnesses must be reported to the TA and the course instructor as soon as possible after leaving the facility. The Departmental Accident Report and Investigation Form (available from the instructor/TAs) must be completed and returned to the instructor as soon as possible. The University requires students to have primary medical insurance. Additionally UC carries Student On/Off Campus Accident insurance that is in excess of their primary medical insurance.