Course Requirements

Clinical Nutrition major requirements can be found online at the Registrar's Web site and on the Nutrition Department Web site.

A description of the academic plan to complete all courses at UC Davis, the Finish in Four Plan, is available online. Transfer students may need additional quarters of work at UC Davis if they enter without all required pre-requisites to begin upper-division coursework. Resources for finding courses that articulate with UC Davis are also available online. Students are encouraged to seek advice from the Nutrition Undergraduate Advising Office regarding academic planning throughout their undergraduate career. The advising office includes Peer Advisors in nutrition and the Staff Academic Advisor (see contact information for Nutrition Advising). Students are also strongly encouraged to consult frequently with their faculty advisor regarding academic and career planning.

Graduation requirements include fulfillment of the major curriculum and the College and University requirements for graduation, which include a minimum of 180 unit credits, completion of all General Education requirements, and a minimum G.P.A. of 2.0. The full UC Davis requirements can be found in the University Catalog.

DPD requirements are built into the clinical nutrition major and students who graduate with a degree in clinical nutrition will concurrently be completing the DPD. A list of the UC Davis DPD courses may be found online. Those students who are not enrolled in the major, but are seeking to qualify in dietetics and obtain a verification statement from the UC Davis program must complete all of the UC Davis DPD requirements and have at least a Bachelor´s degree. Students must meet with the Program Director, who will evaluate their educational background on a case-by-case basis. Typically, a minimum of 12 upper division units at UC Davis will be required to obtain a verification of DPD completion from UC Davis.

Students are encouraged to participate in elective coursework and internship/service activities which will broaden their understanding of concepts and application of knowledge and skills in the fields of nutrition and dietetics. A list of possible UC Davis elective courses relevant to the field is available online. The campus Internship and Career Center (ICC) has many valuable resources and volunteer internship opportunities in the health field and specifically in nutrition and dietetics. Students may obtain Transcript Notation (through the ICC) and upper division nutrition unit credits (through the Nutrition Department and DPD Program Director) for approved internship experiences.