Nut 112

Learning Objectives

Student Learning Goals and Objectives

The Nutrition Department faculty strives to provide the highest quality educational experiences for our students, incorporating cutting edge research information with the fundamental knowledge and skills needed by nutrition professionals of the future. The curriculum supports attainment of the UC Davis Student Educational Objectives (Develop effective communication skills, Develop higher cognitive skills, Cultivate the virtues, Develop focus and depth in one or more disciplines, Develop leadership skills, Develop a global perspective, Prepare for lifelong learning). The nutrition curriculum prepares students to be leaders in the next generation of nutrition scientists, public health and clinical nutrition practitioners. The program promotes personal scholarship and academic growth, lifelong learning skills, and mastery of core knowledge in nutrition and life sciences.

Graduates of the UC Davis B.S. programs in Nutrition Science and Clinical Nutrition will achieve the following student learning outcomes:

Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) for Nutrition Majors:

  1. Students will be able to demonstrate critical thinking skills and analytical abilities to identify and solve problems in the nutritional sciences.  
  2. Students will be able to assess nutritional status of individuals in various life-cycle stages and determine nutrition-related conditions and diseases by applying knowledge of metabolism and nutrient functions, food sources, and physiologic systems.  
  3. Students will be able to critique and effectively communicate nutrition information.
  4. Students will be able to describe social, multiethnic, and environmental dimensions within nutrition and the life sciences.  

Curriculum Map

The Department of Nutrition Curriculum Map shows the Nutrition Science & Clinical Nutrition majors courses aligned with the Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs).