Oteiza Lab Graduate Students

Graduate Group in Nutritional Biology

Graduate degrees in Nutritional Biology at the University of California, Davis are offered by the Graduate Group in Nutritional Biology, a cooperative interdepartmental and intercollegiate organization of more than 73 faculty from 17 departments in three colleges (Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Letters and Science and Biological Sciences) and two professional schools (Medicine and Veterinary Medicine).

A student may pursue the M.S. or Ph.D. degree in nutritional biology while studying under the direction of any member of the graduate group. Admission and degree requirements are the same for all students in the Graduate Group in Nutritional Biology (GGNB) regardless of the specific department with which the student and the major professor are associated.

The great diversity of research interests represented by the faculty members allows students to choose from a wide variety of themes. Areas of strength within the program include nutritional biochemistry, animal nutrition, nutrition and development, nutrient bioavailability, human/clinical nutrition, nutrition and behavior, nutritional energetics, community nutrition, maternal and child nutrition, nutrition and endocrinology, international nutrition, obesity/body composition, physiology of digestion, nutrition and chronic disease, culture and nutrition, nutrition and gene expression, nutrition and aging, nutrition and immunity, diet and exercise, dietary assessment, protein and lipid metabolism, food intake regulation, nutrition education.

More information about GGNB is available on the below website: