Elizabeth L. Prado, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Prado

Position Title
Associate Professor
Associate Nutritionist in AES

3243 Meyer Hall
  • B.A., Linguistics, Georgetown University
  • M.S., Linguistics, Georgetown University
  • Ph.D., Psychology, Lancaster University, UK
Research Interests

Dr. Prado’s research includes:

  1. The effect of nutrition on brain development in children
  2. The effect of nutrition on cognition, mood, and caregiving in mothers
  3. The cross-cultural and cross-linguistic adaptation and validation of tests of motor, cognitive, and socio-emotional function in children and adults.

Lab: http://trellislab.ucdavis.edu/

Selected Publications

Nguyen, P., Ocansey, E. M., Miller, M., Le, D. T. K., Schmidt, R. J., Prado, E. L. (2019). The reliability and validity of the Social Responsiveness Scale to measure autism symptomology in Vietnamese children. Autism Research. Epub ahead of print. 2019 July 29. [Wiley Online Library

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Prado EL, Phuka J, Ocansey E, Maleta K, Ashorn P, Ashorn U, Adu-Afarwuah S, Oaks BM, Lartey A, Dewey KG. A method to develop vocabulary checklists in new languages and their validity to assess early language development. J Health Popul Nutr. 2018 May 11;37(1):13. [PubMed]

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