Marjorie J. Haskell, Ph.D.

 Marjorie J. Haskell, Ph.D.


  • Associate Research Nutritionist
  • Department of Nutrition



  • M.S., Public Health, University of North Carolina
  • Ph.D., Nutrition, University of California, Davis

Research Interests

Dr. Haskell's research is focused on assessing the bioavailability of vitamin A from plant-based diets, and evaluating the efficacy and safety of vitamin A interventions in low-income countries.

Selected Publications

Palmer AC, Chileshe J, Hall AG, Barffour MA, Molobeka N, West KP Jr, Haskell MJ. Short-Term Daily Consumption of Provitamin A Carotenoid-Biofortified Maize Has Limited Impact on Breast Milk Retinol Concentrations in Zambian Women Enrolled in a Randomized Controlled Feeding Trial. J Nutr. 2016 Sep;146(9):1783-92. [PubMed]

Tanumihardjo SA, Mokhtar N, Haskell MJ, Brown KH. Assessing the Safety of Vitamin A Delivered Through Large-Scale Intervention Programs: Workshop Report on Setting the Research Agenda. Food Nutr Bull. 2016 Jun;37(2 Suppl):S63-74. [PubMed]

Lietz G, Furr HC, Gannon BM, Green MH, Haskell M, Lopez-Teros V, Novotny JA, Palmer AC, Russell RM, Tanumihardjo SA, Van Loo-Bouwman CA. Current Capabilities and Limitations of Stable Isotope Techniques and Applied Mathematical Equations in Determining Whole-Body Vitamin A Status. Food Nutr Bull. 2016 Jun;37(2 Suppl):S87-S103. [PubMed]

Kupka R, Nielsen J, Nyhus Dhillon C, Blankenship J, Haskell MJ, Baker SK, Brown KH. Safety and Mortality Benefits of Delivering Vitamin A Supplementation at 6 Months of Age in Sub-Saharan Africa. Food Nutr Bull. 2016 May 5. pii: 0379572116646280. [PubMed]

Haskell MJ, Jamil KM, Hassan F, Peerson JM, Hossain MI, Fuchs GJ, Brown KH. Daily consumption of Indian spinach (Basella alba) or sweet potatoes has a positive effect on total-body vitamin A stores in Bangladeshi men. Am J Clin Nutr. 2004 Sep;80(3):705-14. [PubMed]

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