Zidenberg-Cherr wins 2012 Outstanding Mentor Award

Photo - Zidenberg-Cherr and students

Dr. Sheri Zidenberg-Cherr (center) and some of her students.

Dr. Sheri Zidenberg-Cherr received the 2012 Outstanding Mentor Award from the Consortium for Women in Research.  This award is in recognition of Dr. Zidenberg-Cherr's efforts in effectively mentoring graduate students. 

"I attribute my professional success to the amazing mentoring and support I received at UCD. In particular, being a member of Dr. Sheri Zidenberg-Cherr's lab sparked my passion for community nutrition, " noted Michelle Neyman-Morris (Ph.D., Class of 1991).  Dr. Neyman-Morris is one of the many students Dr. Zidenberg-Cherr has mentored over the years who have gone on to positions in higher education, community nutrition, and public health after graduation.   Dr. Neyman-Morris is now a professor in the Nutrition and Food Sciences Department at California State University, Chico.

Contact for more information:

Sheri A. Zidenberg-Cherr, Nutrition Department, (530) 752-3817, sazidenbergcherr@ucdavis.edu