Gertrud Schuster, Ph.D.

Gertrud Schuster

Associate Project Scientist, Department of Nutrition

  • MS (Diploma) in Biomedicine (Human Biology), Philipps-University at Marburg, Germany
  • Ph.D., Technical University Munich, Germany
Research Interests

Dr. Schuster is investigating the effects of several nutrients, among them vitamin A and/ or D, omega-3/omega-6 fatty acids on bone metabolism, endocrine and immune function. Her research focusses on metabolic profiling of fatty acids and inflammatory bio-markers in combination with genetic predispositions/ polymorphisms. This will be examined in human intervention trials, in corresponding mouse models of inflammation, and in in-vitro assays.

Selected Publications

Schuster GU, Bratt JM, Jiang X, Pedersen TL, Grapov D, Adkins Y, Kelley DS, Newman JW, Kenyon NJ, Stephensen CB. Dietary long-chain omega-3 fatty acids do not diminish eosinophilic pulmonary inflammation in mice. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol 2014;50(3):626-36. [PubMed]

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Stephensen CB, Armstrong P, Newman JW, Pedersen TL, Legault J, Schuster GU, Kelley D, Vikman S, Hartiala J, Nassir R, Seldin MF, Allayee H. ALOX5 gene variants affect eicosanoid production and response to fish oil supplementation. J Lipid Res 2011;52(5):991-1003.[PubMed]

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