Orange Juice and Sugar Intervention Study (OASIS)

Scientists at the University of California, Davis are conducting a research study to learn more about the health effects of drinking sugar-sweetened beverages compared with naturally-sweetened beverages.

Who can participate?

We are looking for healthy men and women who are between the ages 18-50 years old, with a BMI between the range of 20-35 kg/m2 and are non-smokers who:

  • Are willing to consume our study diet (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack) each day for approximately 7 weeks
  • Are willing to drink 3 sweetened beverages per day for approximately 5 weeks
  • Are willing to spend two sessions (6 hours each) at the Ragle Research Facility at the UC Davis campus, and two sessions (1 1/2 days) at the Touro University Translational Clinic (TUTC) in Vallejo, CA (transportation from Davis provided by staff) for experimental procedures

You will be compensated approximately $900 for completing the study. There will be no compensation for participation in screening or consenting procedures.

Study Location:

  • Davis, California (University of California, Davis)


For more information: call (916) 296-2100 or use the online form to contact a study coordinator.