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Foster Room

1138 Meyer Hall - CA&ES Departments of Animal Science, Environmental Toxicology, and Nutrition

The Foster Room is a conference room in 1138 Meyer Hall that is shared by three UC Davis CA&ES departments (Animal Science, Environmental Toxicology, and Nutrition). The room was donated by Foster Farms in memory of Paul E. Foster. Please contact your department to check out keys to the room/lecturn. Information on the equipment available in the room is given below.

The Foster Room may be reserved by calling Animal Science at 752-1250 or Nutrition at 752-4645. Room availability may be viewed on the Foster Room online reservation calendar.

  • Foster Room Full View


    The Foster Room is fitted with a ceiling mounted overhead projector and a multimedia podium with projector/screen controls, DVD/VCR, and network access. The Foster Room may be reserved by calling Animal Science at 752-1250 or Nutrition at 752-4645. Current availability can be viewed on the Foster Room online reservation calendar (to view the calendar with Internet Explorer 11, open the calendar , tap or click on the Tools button (looks like a gear) and go to Compatibility View Settings, click on Add, then Close).

  • Multimedia Podium

    Multimedia lecturn

    The lecturn in the front of the room is fitted with a cable cubby (black box on top towards the back left), smart panel (black rectangular panel with lighted buttons on it towards the back right), screen controls (white panel to the right of the smart panel), slide projector control port (silver panel to the right of the screen controls), and microphone port (green port behind the cable cubby). Behind the left front door is a DVD/VCR player and the controls for the microphone volume. The microphone, extension cables, and slide projector control are stored behind the right front door.

  • Smart Panel

    Smart Panel

    The lecturn has a smart panel installed on the top desk area. This is where you control the data projector and volume. The controls to lower and raise the screen are to the right of the smart panel. An instruction sheet on how to use the smart panel is available online.

  • Cable Cubby

    Cable Cubby

    The lecturn is fitted with a cable cubby where all the cables are stored. It contains 2 power outlets, VGA cable, audio cable, Ethernet cable, and audio/video cables for auxiliary devices such as cameras. Note that extension cables for VGA, audio and Ethernet are available behind the right front cabinet door (these could be used to extend the connections so that one could sit with their laptop at the table instead of standing behind the lecturn). Behind the cable cubby is the microphone port. Note that to remove the microphone from the microphone port one has to push down the button behind the port and wiggle the cable from side to side while pulling up.

  • Videoconference System

    Videoconference System

    The Foster Room has a ViewStation EX videoconference system that operates over IP or ISDN lines. Please contact your individual department for support with the videoconference system.

  • Data Projector

    Data Projector

    The Foster Room is fitted with a ceiling mounted data projector. The projector is a Hitachi CP-X430W with the following specs: 1,024 x 768 color pixels, Lamp Brightness 2,500 lumens. Note: projector will automatically shut off after 3 hours of use.

Network Access

If your laptop is configured for DHCP and your Ethernet card address is registered for the campus network, then you should be able to connect, boot, and go. Otherwise, below is static IP setting information that can be used in the Foster Room.


Phone Line

There is an active telephone line in the Foster Room on NAM # 015410 (the phone jack on the wall when you first walk in the main door). The phone number is 530-754-6154. You need to bring your own phone and phone cord. Note that this is a restricted phone line (you can make on campus calls and receive calls, but to make off campus or long distance calls you will need an access code - this is a 6 digit code issued to you by Communication Resources that can be used to put campus phone charges on a particular DaFIS account - contact your Communications Resources rep to set one up). To make a call with an access code dial 5, 1, number with area code, and then your access code when prompted.

Tech Info

Information for technical support staff is given below.

Service Information

Contact Classroom Technology (752-3553) for yearly service (once a year have the fan cleaned out). Lamp life is 2,000 hours (contact Classroom Technology to replace lamp).

Hitachi Tech Support: Tel: 1-800-448-2244

Replacement Lamp for Hitatchi CP-X430W
Hitachi LCD projector lamp
Hitachi Part# CPX430LAMP (~$460)

Replacement Lamp for Elmo
HV-7000SX Top/base light (2 pcs. in a box) Exclusive 6W Fluores 1000 hr Elmo Part # 9356 (~$60)

Replacement bulb for lecturn light
GE F13T5/830 - 13 watts, 21 inches

Projector serial number: RT4H002997
Document Camera serial number: 750095


  • NAM # 15410 in 1138 (on wall when first walk in the main door) Phone line: 530-754-6154 (you will need an access code to call long distance), Inactive data NAM
  • NAM # 701117 in 1138A (in annex) Active Data NAM on NUTRITION-1 VLAN
  • NAM # 716747 in 1138 (near lecturn) Inactive port on NAM that was installed for lecturn
  • NAM #700863 in 1138 (near lecturn) Active Data NAM on MEYER_COMM VLAN


You should contact your individual department for technical support in the Foster Room:

Animal Science

Abbas Ahmadi (752-5866, 1257 Meyer,
Romeo Capell (752-2681, 1259 Meyer,

Environmental Toxicology

Sudhir Vaikkattil (752-8815, 4148 Meyer,


Jennifer Ruhe (752-4650, 3113 Meyer,
Alex Zingorenko (752-4534, 3113 Meyer,

Meyer Hall Common Space

Barbara Jean Nitta-Oda (752-7142,