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Sean H. Adams

Sean H. Adams

  • Associate Adjunct Professor, Department of Nutrition
  • USDA ARS Western Human Nutrition Research Center Research Physiologist


(530) 754-4417



  • Ph.D., Nutritional Sciences, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • M.S., Marine Sciences, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • B.A., Biology, California State University, Fresno

Research Interests

Dr. Adams investigates the etiology of obesity-associated metabolic disorders such as diabetes. Research efforts explore which molecular markers, metabolites, and endocrine factors correlate with indices of metabolic health in human nutritional studies and in animal models of obesity.

Selected Publications

  • E. Seifert, O. Fiehn, V. Bezaire, D.B. Bickel, G. Wohlgemuth, S.H. Adams, and M-E. Harper. Long-chain fatty acid combustion rate is associated with unique metabolite profiles in skeletal muscle mitochondria. PLoS One, Mar 24;5(3): e9834, 2010.
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  • K.L. Teff, J. Grudziak, R.R. Townsend, T.N. Dunn, R.W. Grant, S.H. Adams, K.L. Stanhope, and P.J. Havel. Endocrine and metabolic effects of consuming fructose- and glucose-sweetened beverages with meals in obese men and women: influence of insulin resistance on plasma triglyceride responses. J. Clin. Endocrin. Metab. 94(5):1562-9, 2009.
  • G. Paulino, C.B. de la Serre, T.A. Knotts, P.J. Oort, J.W.Newman, S.H. Adams, and H.E. Raybould. Increased expression of receptors for orexigenic factors in nodose ganglion of diet-induced obese rats. Am. J. Physiol. Endocrinol. Metab. 296(4): E898-903, 2009.
  • S.H. Adams, C.L. Hoppel, K.H. Lok, L. Zhao, S.W. Wong, P.E. Minkler, D.H. Hwang, J.W. Newman, and W.T Garvey. Plasma acylcarnitine profiles suggest incomplete long chain fatty acid β-oxidation and altered tricarboxylic cycle activity in type 2 diabetic African-American women. J. Nutr. 139(6):1073-81, 2009.
  • T.A. Knotts, H.W. Lee, J.B. Kim, P.J. Oort, R. McPherson, R. Dent, K. Tachibana, T. Doi, S. Yu, J.K. Reddy, K. Uno, H. Katagiri, M. Pasarica, S.R. Smith, D.D. Sears, M. Grino, and S.H. Adams. Molecular characterization of the tumor suppressor candidate 5 gene: regulation by PPARγ and identification of TUSC5 coding variants in lean and obese humans. PPAR Research, Volume 2009, Article ID 867678, 2009.
  • P.J. Oort, T.A. Knotts, M. Grino, N. Naour, J-P. Bastard, K. Clément, N. Ninkina, V.L. Buchman, P.A. Permana, X. Luo, G. Pan, T.N. Dunn, and S.H. Adams. Γ-Synuclein is an adipocyte-neuron gene coordinately-expressed with leptin and increased in human obesity. J. Nutrition, 138(5):841-848, 2008.
  • S.H. Adams, K.L. Stanhope, R.W. Grant, B.P. Cummings, and P.J. Havel. Metabolic and endocrine profiles in response to systemic infusion of fructose and glucose in rhesus macaques. Endocrinology, 149(6):3002-8, 2008.
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  • G. Perdomo, S.R. Cummerford, S.H. Adams, R.M. O’Doherty, and N.F. Brown. Increased Beta-oxidation in muscle cells enhances insulin-stimulated glucose metabolism and protects against fatty acid induced insulin resistance despite intramyocellular lipid accumulation. J. Biol. Chem., 2004;279:27177-27186.
  • S.H. Adams, Wesley B. Won, S.E. Schonhoff, A.B. Leiter, and J.R. Paterniti, Jr. Effects of PYY[3-36] on short-term food intake in mice are not affected by prevailing plasma ghrelin levels. Endocrinology, 2004;145:4967-4975.
  • Fu, L., L. John, S.H. Adams, X.X. Yu, E. Tomlinson, M. Renz, P.M. Williams, R. Soriano, R. Corpuz, M. Moffat, R. Vandlen, L. Simmons, J. Foster, J-P. Stephan, S.P. Tsai, and T.A. Stewart. Fibroblast growth factor 19 increases metabolic rate and reverses dietary and leptin deficient diabetes. Endocrinology, 2004;145:2594-2603.
  • Yu, X.X., D.A. Lewin, W. Forrest, & S.H. Adams. Cold elicits the simultaneous induction of fatty acid synthesis & β-oxidation in rodent brown adipose tissue. Prediction from differential gene expression & confirmation in vivo. FASEB J. 2002;16:155-168.
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