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The Effects of Naturally Occurring and Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Study

Welcome to the UC Davis Nutrition Department Sugar and Stress Study site. Information about the Effects of Naturally Occurring and Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Study is given below.

People Are Consuming More Sugar

Scientists at the University of California, Davis and the University of California, San Francisco are conducting a research study to determine what the effects of drinking 3 sugar-sweetened beverages versus naturally-sweetened beverages each day has on a person´s metabolism.

We need healthy women, ages 25-40, BMI range 26-35, who:

  • Are willing to drink 3 sweetened beverages each day for approximately 15 days
  • Are non-smokers and not taking thyroid, lipid-lowering, diabetes, depression or blood pressure medications
  • Have extra time to devote to helping us answer this important question

Participation in this study requires a significant time commitment:

  • The entire study lasts approximately 31 days, with experimental testing days lasting
    approximately 17 days and follow-up questionnaires to be done at home 2 weeks after.
  • For portions of the study you will need to live (at no expense with all food provided) at the Clinical Research Center at the Western Human Nutrition Center located at UC Davis.
    • For 1 ½ days at the beginning of the study
    • For 1 ½ days at the end of the study
  • You will be compensated approximately $815 for completing the study.


For more information: call (916) 296-2100 or use the online form to contact study coordinator.