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The Effects of Naturally Occurring and Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Study

Welcome to the UC Davis Nutrition Department Sugar and Stress Study site. Information about the Effects of Naturally Occurring and Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Study is given below.

People Are Consuming More Sugar

Scientists at the University of California, Davis and the University of California, San Francisco are conducting a research study to determine what the effects of drinking 3 sugar-sweetened beverages versus naturally-sweetened beverages each day has on a person´s metabolism.

We need healthy women, ages 25-40, BMI range 26-35, who:

  • Are willing to drink 3 sweetened beverages each day for approximately 15 days
  • Are non-smokers and not taking thyroid, lipid-lowering, diabetes, depression or blood pressure medications
  • Have extra time to devote to helping us answer this important question

Participation in this study requires a significant time commitment:

  • The entire study lasts approximately 31 days, with experimental testing days lasting
    approximately 17 days and follow-up questionnaires to be done at home 2 weeks after.
  • For portions of the study you will need to live (at no expense with all food provided) at the Western Human Nutrition Center located at UC Davis.
    • For 1 ½ days at the beginning of the study
    • For 1 ½ days at the end of the study
  • You will be compensated approximately $815 for completing the study.


For more information: call (916) 296-2100 or use the online form to contact study coordinator.