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Current Studies

An online form is available to contact study coordinators.

Strawberry Study - Do You Like Strawberries? Are You a Teenage Boy Between 14 and 18 Years Old?

Scientists in the Nutrition Department at UC Davis are studying how strawberries affect heart health.

If you come in for 4 study visits (each lasting approximately 3 hours) and are willing to drink a strawberry beverage, you will receive:

  • Up to $325
  • Copies of your cholesterol values

For more information: Call (530) 752-2915 to see if you qualify (we will ask you questions about your age, weight, and height) or use the online form to contact study coordinator.


Lychee Study - Participants Needed for a Research Study

UC Davis nutrition scientists are conducting a study that looks at the effects of lychee fruit extract supplements on cardiovascular health.

To qualify for the study you must be:

  • A postmenopausal woman, 50-70 years of age or a man, 40-65 years of age
  • Waist circumference 40 inches or greater for men; 35 inches or greater for women
  • Have a blood pressure that is higher than normal (120 over 80) but not currently treated for high blood pressure
  • Not taking medications for anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, cholesterol
  • Willing to consume a lychee fruit extract (LFE) supplement or a placebo during the study period.

You will receive at no cost:

  • Copies of standard laboratory results
  • Compensation for your visits

For more information: call (530) 752-2915 or use the online form to contact study coordinator.

Grape Seed Extract and Inflammation Research Study - Men and Women Needed

Welcome to the UC Davis Nutrition Department Grape Seed Extract and Inflammation Research Study site.

Learn about the effects of Grape Seed Extract on Acute Inflammation

UC Davis Researchers are looking for overweight men and women to participate in a research study.

  • Participants must be 20 years or older and not have any medical problems or be taking any medication.
  • Participation includes keeping food records and four overnight study visits at Mather VA Medical Center in Rancho Cordova, Ca.
  • Compensation will be provided.

For more information: call (530) 754-5994 prompt #2 or use the online form to contact study coordinator.


Volunteers Needed for Whole Grape Powder Study

Researchers at UC Davis / Nutrition Department are interested in studying the effects of whole grapes on markers of health.

Volunteers Needed

  • Individuals: overweight & with a BMI ≥ 30
  • Ages 18 and older
  • In good health
  • Not taking anti-inflammatory medications
  • Nonsmokers
  • Not pregnant or lactating

What Will Volunteers Do?

  • Come to the UC Davis/ Ragle Nutrition center 5 times during 10 week study, 2 visits will be approximately 5 hrs
  • You will be required to arrive fasted for blood draws and provide urine samples
  • You will be asked to consume a breakfast meal (provided by the researchers) on 2 study days
  • You will be asked not to eat grapes or products containing grapes (wine, juice, raisons, etc) as well as other high polyphenol foods during the study
  • You will be asked to consume a grape product beverage (provided by the researchers) every day during the study

Volunteers will receive up to $100 for participation

For more information, please call (530) 754-5994 prompt #1 or use our online form to contact study coordinator.