Protein for Kids Study

Parents! We Are Looking For Children Who Are Willing to Participate in a Nutrition Research Study

We want to learn how a new nutritious food product will affect metabolism and cardiovascular health in children.

This vegetarian food product provides protein from pea, and is fortified with vitamins and minerals. We are encouraging that children replace their typical snack with this food.

We are looking for children who will be willing to eat about half a cup of this food product every day for 4 weeks. And we are asking that parents/guardians bring their children to either the UC Davis Medical Center or the UC Davis campus for a screening visit and 3 study visits each lasting about 2-3 hours.

We will be measuring blood flow in your child’s fingertip using a special finger probe, and we will be asking for a blood and urine sample for 2 of the study visits. We will also provide your child with nutrition education, and will ask them to wear a personal physical activity monitor.

You and your child together will receive up to $285.

If your child is 9- 13 years old with a BMI of at least 85% based on their sex and age (calculator can be found at:, please call to see if your child qualifies. We will ask you questions about your child’s overall health.

If interested, please contact the Keen Lab at (530) 752-2915 or use the online form to contact a study coordinator.