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The following resources are available via a link to an webonline site or in .doc .doc or .pdf .pdf format.

Safety Resources

  • Nutrition Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) (doc / pdf)
  • Nutrition Medical Waste Management Plan (MWMP) - updated 1/27/2014 (doc / pdf)
  • Emergency Evacuation Procedures for Nutrition Department (pdf)
  • Hazardous Waste Label (doc / pdf)
  • Checklist for Field Researchers in a Foreign Country (pdf)

Financial Resources

  • Food Chain Cluster Online Pre-Purchasing System (online)
  • Food Chain Cluster Online Pre-Purchasing System Documentation (pdf)
  • Pre-Purchasing System & Delegation of Approval Authority Form (doc, pdf)
  • Food Chain Cluster Account Manager and Purchaser Assignments (pdf)

Online Reservations

  • Audio Visual and Conference Room Reservations (online)
  • Google Calendar Instructions (pdf)

Computer Support

  • New staff computer policy packet (pdf)
  • Form to request new domain account (online / pdf)
  • Form to request tech support (online / pdf)
  • Poster printer information (online)
  • Computer Lab information (online)
  • iPhone battery saving tips (pdf)
  • iPhone UCD Email setup instructions (pdf)
  • iPhone Google Calendar Sync instructions (pdf)
  • How to redact personal information from a PDF file (pdf)
  • FoodMate (companion program to FoodWorks) (.zip)
  • How to install SAS 9.3 (for personally owned computers)

Administrative Tools


  • Faculty leave forms (online)
  • Pre-Purchasing System & Delegation of Approval Authority Form (doc, pdf)
  • Nutrition Central Travel System authorization form (pdf)
  • Departmental letterhead (doc) Restricted Access
  • Video/Photo/Audio Recording Release Agreement form (doc, pdf)
  • Cell phone policy form (pdf)
  • Student confidentiality form (pdf)
  • Nutrition Authorization for Movement of Property form (pdf)
  • Merits and Promotion Voting (online)
  • New Appointment Voting (online)
  • AES Fiscal Year Term Review Voting (online)
  • Purchase Order form (for use if online pre-purchasing system is down) (pdf, doc)


  • Maps & Directions to the UC Davis Nutrition Department (online)