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Computer Lab


The Nutrition Department Computer Lab is a resource for Nutrition Department faculty, staff, and researchers, as well as graduate students housed in the department. The lab is located in 3249 Meyer Hall and contains 10 Windows-based PCs and 2 scanners. Information about the software/hardware in the lab , answers to frequently asked questions, and Computer Lab Use Guidelines is given below.

Computer Lab Use Guidelines

The rules governing use of the Nutrition Department Computer Lab are given below. Your cooperation in keeping these systems running smoothly for all the individuals in our department who need to access them is greatly appreciated.

  • Do NOT attempt to install software on any system. Computer lab systems are specially configured to require little maintenance so that a large group of users can access them with limited downtime. We do not allow ANY unauthorized software installation (including Internet chat software, flight reservation software, trial or shareware software downloaded from the Internet, or software that the Nutrition Department does not own a license for).

  • Use of Computer Lab systems is governed by the following UC Computing Policies:

  • Please try to keep the computer lab a quiet place where people can work without distraction. Be courteous to other computer lab users by keeping this room quiet, i.e. if you want to socialize or discuss your work, please do it outside. Your cooperation in keeping this a quiet place for people to concentrate on their work is greatly appreciated.

  • No food is allowed in the lab. Please be courteous of other computer lab users and do not bring food into the lab.

If you are found to violate these policies after being warned, your access to the lab will be restricted.

Computer Lab Specifications

The 10 Dell OptiPlex 760 computers in the lab have the following hardware: Pentium Core 2 Duo 2.66GHz processor, 2GB RAM, 250GB hard drive, DVD/RW drive, USB ports and headphone/microphone ports on front of system. The computers have the following software installed:

  • Windows Vista
  • MS Office Professional 2007
  • Acrobat 9 Professional
  • Photoshop CS4
  • Minitab 15 Statistical Software
  • Food Processor SQL 10.5
  • FoodWorks 14
  • FoodMate 1.1
  • Chromas
  • ImageJ
  • EndNote X4
  • DVD viewing software
  • CD/DVD disc burning software

Some software is only installed on a few of the computers:

  • Illustrator CS (all except Computer F)
  • SAS 9.3 32 bit is on Computers A, H
  • Jmp 10 is on Computer F
  • Graphpad Prism 4 is on Computer J
  • SigmaStat is on Computers I, J
  • SigmaPlot 10 is on Computers A, B
  • SigmaScan (used for image analysis for things like intensity bands on gels)  is on Computer D
  • SPSS 21 is on Computers G and I
  • Stata/IC is on computers E, F, G, H
  • Studio (Dreamweaer, Fireworks, etc) is on Computers A, E
  • Systat is on computers A, B, G, H, I
  • Chemdraw 9 is on Computers C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J

The lab is also equipped with two scanners. The Microtek scanner has standard scanner features as well as a transparency tray that can be used to scan a tray of slides. The HP scanner has a document feeder that can be used to scan stacks of paper (up to 40 pages at a time). Instructions on how to use the scanners to do things like scan slides, scan documents to PDF, or scan images to .jpg are posted on the wall in front of them.

Who Can Use The Lab

The Nutrition Department Computer lab is a resource for Nutrition faculty, staff, and researchers. It is also open to graduate students housed in the Nutrition Department.


Keys to the computer lab are available for checkout by department members for the day from the front desk in the main Nutrition Department office (3135 Meyer). A student ID card or employee ID card must be left in exchange for the key for the day. Staff employed by the Nutrition Department and graduate students whose major professor is in the Nutrition Department may get a key for an extended period (a deposit is required). Please see the front desk of the main Nutrition Department Office to get a key for an extended period.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don´t work in the Nutrition Department, but I am a graduate student in the Graduate Group in Nutritional Biology (my major professor is in another department). Why can´t I use the computer lab?

The lab is supported by funds from faculty in the Nutrition Department and is used by their lab staff, postdocs, researchers, and graduate students (from various graduate groups). Hence, the Nutrition Department Computer lab is only open to Nutrition Department faculty, staff, and researchers as well as graduate students whose major professor is a Nutrition Department faculty member. Note that the Department of Nutrition is a separate entity from the Graduate Group in Nutritional Biology and has different resources and funding sources. Given the limitations of Nutrition Department resources (funding, space, equipment, etc), our departmental computer lab is not open to all of the ~100 students in the Graduate Group in Nutritional Biology.

A computer is not working properly in the computer lab. Who do I contact?

Please report problems in the computer lab to Jennifer Ruhe, 3113 Meyer, 752-4650, or Alex Zingorenko, 3113 Meyer, 752-4534,